Being a landlord with legal responsibilities can be overwhelming and costly if you don’t have the right advice and knowledge. Thanks to the ongoing training and processes followed by the AKA Property management team, you will be kept informed on all compliancy issues, giving you the total peace of mind you deserve. You can also rest assured that all the required legal documents and processes will be created and followed.

• Bond authorisation
• Rental payments
• Tenancy documents
• Condition reports
• Court documents (if required)
• Maintenance issues
• Pool compliancy
• Safety concerns
• Water invoicing

As we are Property Managers and not building experts we recommend to all of our owners that they have a safety inspection performed every few years depending on the age of the property. This will identify any potential issues that possibly before they arise as serious issues.

Reference Guides

ACCC Blind & Curtain Cords.pdf
QFES – Smoke Alarm Legislation Information Sheet.pdf
NRAW – How to Be Waterwise.pdf